Kevin Conlon M.App.Fin.
Managing Partner
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Since inception, ACTIVE knowledge has focused on building a high-quality coaching practice.

ACTIVE Knowledge is a specialist coaching and business development firm committed to helping client organisations develop the capabilities needed to compete successfully.

ACTIVE Knowledge coaching programs are tailored to take proper account of factors that are likely to impact your success band importantly, our solutions are based on specific and measurable outcomes.

The ACTIVE Knowledge coaching method focuses on actively engaging knowledge in the process of achieving personal and corporate ambition.

We have an established track record of "on-time" and "on-budget" project delivery and we are proud of our reputation as a best-practise Coaching Services provider.


Having successfully coached thousands of clients across Australia, New Zealand and Asia, Kevin Conlon is highly regarded for his ability to improve both individual and business performance.

As a Start-Up adviser and business systems architect, Kevin continues to make a significant contribution towards the success of owner-operated and publicly-listed business enterprises.